SurveyMaker by Altova

The easiest solution for fast, free, full-featured surveys

SurveyMaker by Altova

SurveyMaker makes it fast and easy to design professional surveys on your favorite device: iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows computer, or any web browser!

SurveyMaker includes a wide variety of types of questions, helping you craft the perfect options for any topic. It’s easy to add images and static text to make your survey attractive and fun.

Test your survey at any time, then share it instantly via email. Users can complete your survey in their web browser of choice – on any desktop or mobile device.

Built-in analytics provide multiple views of your survey data for reviewing and analyzing responses in real time. You can even download survey results.

SurveyMaker is available in English, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

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Choose Your Plan

SurveyMaker is available in a full-featured FREE version, as well as a Premium option when you need to create more surveys and field a large number of responses.


Premium Edition

Starting price $149/year

SurveyMaker Premium Edition includes:

Free Edition

SurveyMaker Free Edition includes:

Enterprise Edition

Starting price $1000/year

SurveyMaker Enterprise Edition includes:

Mobile apps for iOS and Android
Desktop app for Windows
Browser app
Available in five languages
Multi-page surveys
Numerous question types (text, radio button, check box, matrix, etc.)
Survey navigation logic based on user answers
Include custom images in survey
# of responses per survey20UNLIMITEDUNLIMITED
Integration with device email client for instant sharing
Built-in survey analytics
Custom branding, ownership of app server, ability to modify app itself
Starting priceFREE$149/year$1000/year

The unique Enterprise version actually gives your organization the ability to customize the SurveyMaker app itself. When you purchase the Enterprise version, you get access to the design files for the app, which you can edit in the free, MobileTogether Designer. Your team can update the look-and-feel of the app in accordance with company branding, create a special thank you page, and even re-name the app if desired.

Because the Enterprise version includes Altova MobileTogether Server, your team can even create and deploy your own custom apps in addition to SurveyMaker.

Learn more about MobileTogether, the rapid app development framework Altova used to create Survey Maker.

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